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About CX Inspirations

The customer experience world is stuck in a limbo.


We know people are not the rational beings posed by classical economics yet we keep treating them as such. We know “Good Stories Always Beat Good Spreadsheets”, yet we keep insisting on bombarding customers with information about functionalities. We know behavior is much more efficiently and sustainably changed by nudging, priming, framing and the other tools of behavioral economics, yet we fail to put these to intro practice. We know much better than 20 years ago how the brains of our customers work, yet we don’t implement this knowledge to lead our companies to greatness. We know customer experience is much more than what happens after the sales, yet we keep our marketing and customer experience departments separate.

This needs to change

The future, including the CX one, is not a distant land miles away. The reality is, as William Gibson says, it is already here, but is unevenly distributed. Some companies are pushing the boundaries, others have only glimpsed the future, others are still oblivious to what’s to come.

In CX Inspirations I will offer you insights on what the CX future might look like and how to embrace it.

We will talk about what customer experience is and how framing your work as creating experiences can make all the difference in the world. We will have a look at what constitutes a great customer experience and how to create it. We are all in the business of behavioral change – everything that we do aims to nudge or compel others to act, be they our colleagues or customers. We will explore customer experience from a change management perspective to help you propel your company to a customer-centric future. And last but not least, we will devote time and space to discuss the analytics and tools that are to be the tools of our trade in the future. 

CX Inspirations is a place to offer and discuss insights from the two sources of knowledge that exist in this world really: what others know and have share with us, and what we have experienced and reflected on.

You will find a plethora of stories from what the great customer experience professionals among us about the way they've done things, and the challenges along the way and how they solved them. You will also go on a journey into what science has revealed about the way we, humans, act in and interact with the world. The time is ripe to incorporate what neuroscience, behavioural economics, cognitive psychology, and other scientific disciplines know about our species into our CX practices. The CX leaders of the future will be at the forefront of scientific discoveries. 


My promises to you:

We will learn from both practitioners and academic research to advance our understanding of CX.

And I will offer evidence and proof for everything we discuss, otherwise I will label it 'an opinion'.

There is a plethora of books and blogs on any management topics out there; and there is certainly no shortage of books and blogs on CX. It has become customary to go with bold statements like The number 1 book on …, or The single thing that you need to do. And most of them are based on the single or the biggest or the most unique research out there. This is not the way we’ll go here.

I will not offer you the only CX thing that you need; I will not give you the definitive framework for creating compelling customer experience; and I don't believe anyone is able to solve all of your problems. 


Instead, I see value in discussing crazy ideas, in looking at things from a different angle, in inspiring a search for what’s to come; in short, I believe in the value of half an idea to spark curiosity and interest, and that’s what I’ll try and do here. Other than the scientific research I’ve used, which is to the best of my knowledge reliable and valid, all else is merely one possible perspective towards CX. Do object vigorously to what you’ll read here so we can walk together towards a better understanding of our customers.


Reach out to chat or to share your view! 


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