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Ideas worth exploring: agile customer experience management

Check out this enlightening perspective towards CX management by Strategy&Business.

Many companies are adept at using agile methodologies to optimize work processes; and many companies have excellent customer experience measurement and management programs. The challenge both face is how to realize the benefits that combining these two unlock.

Of particular relevance to CX management is the advise to "Integrate CX directly into each agile team to inform priorities." Measuring what customers experience along their journeys provides a much needed external point of view. This in turn makes it possible for agile teams to align with customer priorities, i.e. making sure that what we are working on matters to customers.

On the other hand, bringing agile into CX management empowers the teams to unlock more value faster, thus increasing the Return on Experience.

Read the full article below or here.

My best wishes for a great day ahead!

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