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Snippets: "CX has become a religion"

A couple of months ago, I started sharing my frustration with the blanket "Great CX" approach. We can do so much better than "Great CX"; we can have customer experience intent statements that guide our vision for how do we want our customers to feel when dealing with us. It's all about the impressions we leave them with, and I'm sure we'd all agree that 'great impression' is not a viable target.

It's great to see others are picking up on this point as well. Jack Springman in this piece even calls the state of CX practice we've reached 'religion', and that is spot on. I also completely share his emphasis on 'appropriateness', instead of 'greatness'. To put it in Jack's words, "The only best practice is appropriate practice."; there are no one-size-fit-all solutions, only appropriate and inappropriate ones.

Check out his full article here, it's well-worth reading:

My best wishes for a great day ahead!

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