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Snippets: Intentional CX

If I told you that Apple is a great brand, what would that mean to you? Probably that a lot of people use it, that it's a famous and well-known brand, that it had stood the test of time and shown resilience and capacity for change.

The problem is, this doesn't bring you a notch closer to knowing how to build a great brand. And it doesn't because saying that a brand is great, or that it delivers great CX, only means, "This company has been successful in what they embarked to do." It does not hint at what exactly makes up this great branding or CX, and it certainly says nothing about the steps they took to achieve that. It's an overall evaluation, and like all overall evaluations, it dismisses the building blocks and the sweat and tears that made it happen.

I much rather prefer to talk about appropriate or deliberate CX, and it's great to see like-minded people promoting similar ideas. Check out this excellent piece on CX as a North Star: You will find nuggets like this:

“Intentional Customer Experience means you know what you do, and more importantly, why you do it, and you bake the what and why into all aspects of your business — policies, processes, how you hire and review and reward, how you build products and send invoices, and so forth — very deliberately.” Krista Sheridan, TELUS

What is more, Krista shares invaluable insights on how to align your team and your efforts to reaching your North Star. It's a worthwhile reading so give it a shot.

My best wishes for a great day ahead!

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