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Snippets: measure life journeys instead of customer ones

In a recent piece on, Steven Van Belleghem advances an interesting perspective:

"...we been focusing on the transactional relationship with customers, when we could also be looking into the life journey of our customers"


Why is this important?

On one hand, it promotes a long-term view of customer relationship management, and that's a significant benefit on its own.

Even more importantly though, it helps you shift the perspective from you and the journey you are offering to what the customer is going through. Brands and products are solutions that contribute to people's lives. It is they that need to fit in and support people's desire for progress, not the other way around.

Studying life journeys might just make it easier for companies to hold that perspective in mind and to execute on it. The only way to contribute in a meaningful way is to know what the person is going through, and what they need to get done and solved.

Understand people's life circumstances and help them advance. This, I think, should be the imperative for all brands looking to achieve sustainable growth.

My best wishes for a great day ahead!


Check the full article here:

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